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Weight Loss: Diet Food Obsession

Diet Food Obsession

diet addictionA real danger of dieting is the ‘diet mentality’. Have you ever seen someone who has a constant need to weigh, measure, count and account for food? When dieters get to this point, it can become an obsession with food that comes close to that experienced by someone with an eating disorder.

Is it possible to lose weight without becoming obsessed with diet food?

Dr. David Katz, author of “The Way to Eat“, suggests a better way.

While it’s important to balance the calories you eat with the calories you burn, he says, it’s not necessary to obsess about food by counting every calorie. Instead, he suggests, focus on eating well for your health and permanent weight loss will follow.

Dr. Katz’s suggestions include replacing highly processed foods which contain added sugar, fat, starch and salt with more wholesome foods with short ingredient lists. So this would mean in their more natural state.

Avoid any foods, including diet food, with added ‘flavor enhancers’ like monosodium glutamate and high fructose corn syrup which tend to stimulate the appetite and make you want to eat even more.

Instead, focus on healthier alternatives within food groups. That’s far easier to do than you’d think.

Healthy lifestyle concept Diet and fitnessTake a few minutes to analyze your diet and figure out which things you just can’t give up – then make adjustments in other areas to account for them. Can’t live without cream in your coffee? Just start cutting back and emphasizing the more nutritious foods in your diet.

Here are some other suggestions to help you stop obsessing about calories and start eating healthier:

1. Toss out sugared breakfast cereals in favor of a whole-grain cereal, such as oatmeal or oat groats, that has little or no added sugar and drop in a few berries or slices of half a banana into your bowl instead.

2. Switch to an all natural, no additive almond butter instead of a highly processed one that contains added sugar and oils for stabilization. This can usually be found in a health food store, or the health food section of a large grocery store.

3. Keep a baggie of dried fruit in your desk drawer. Eaten in small amounts it is good for a high-potassium pick-me-up at mid-morning. You’ll be far less inclined to overeat at lunch – and you won’t find yourself yawning at 11 A.M.

4. Don’t forget to drink you water. Some people reach for a snack when what the body really needs is a drink of water.

So don’t be overly obsessed about diet food, be concerned about eating better, which will help you lose weight and become healthier.