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Fat Burning Soup Recipes Review

Fat Burning Soup Recipes Review

Losing weight can be a massive struggle for anyone. Even those with the most will power can find it hard to stick to a restrictive diet for many reasons.

Whether due to the restrictive nature of the diet itself or due to the diet being overly complicated, there are plenty of ways to fail at achieving your weight loss goals.

These are some of the problems that the Fat Burning Soup Recipes Diet looks to solve. Below, we will be going over:

  • what’s to like about the soup diet,
  • what’s not to like,
  • and whether or not it is recommended in our review.

Who Is Anna Noel Harris?

First things first, you should only follow diets developed by people that use scientific-based principles to create it. Anna Noel Harris is a registered and licensed dietitian who spent years and years researching the links between nutrition and weight loss.

She eventually developed a scientifically-backed weight loss program centered around soups that increase thermogenesis in your body.

This is the process at which heat is produced in organisms which can increase the rate at which you are able to burn fat naturally. These meals do this due to the ingredients found in the various recipes.

A Fat Burning Soup Recipes Review:


1. No Restrictive Dieting.

As mentioned previously, one of the main reasons people generally fail to achieve desired weight loss results with their dieting efforts has to do with the lack of being able to carry it out for the long run that restrictive diets sometimes have. This diet is not restrictive in nature, but is a soup diet for weight loss.

In fact, the diet encourages that you replace 1 or 2 of your daily meals with these fat-burning soups. Not only are there plenty of soups that you can choose from, but you won’t be forced to stick to specific subsets of foods while on the diet.

It is said that you can lose up to 10 pounds in 7 days (probably doing 2 soup meals a day), so I consider this soup diet a rapid weight loss soup diet.

These soups are easily integrated into your normal routine which means that the ‘diet’ itself really doesn’t have the same drawbacks as other much more restrictive diets.

2. Easy To Prepare.

soup recipes save timeAlong with being restrictive in nature, a lot of diets that you will find available force you to spend hours and hours in the kitchen preparing all of your meals to achieve results. This is why a lot of people fail because they simply don’t have the time many diets take up.

If you are someone relatively short on time, you will be happy to know that this soup diet plan requires as little as 5 to 15 minutes to prepare a majority of the soups in question. This alone makes the diet much more accessible and easy to follow for everyone.

People with active and busy lifestyles are well aware of how little time they have. Thus, by cutting down the preparation time required for the diet, it makes it a much easier one to follow.

3. Over 370 Mouthwatering Dishes.

Likewise, you won’t be forced to eat the same meals over and over. For many, a diet that narrows your choices far too much can be a hindrance and it can make it hard to carry it out.

After all, who wants to eat the same meal over and over again? This particular diet comes with a recipe book with over 370 mouth watering soup recipes that you can enjoy both over the course of your diet and even when you are finished dieting.

Each recipe is optimized to improve thermogenesis and maximize your body’s natural ability to burn fat.

Here are several of the fat burning soup recipes you can make yourself:

  • Fat burning bacon and sweet corn chowder
  • Fat burning delicious ham and potato soup
  • Fat burning cream of pumpkin soup
  • Fat burning cream of broccoli soup with salmon
  • Fat burning creamy pumpkin soup
  • Fat burning cream of broccoli soup with chicken
  • Fat burning parmesan cauliflower soup with low fat bacon
  • Fat burning hearty Italian pasta soup
  • Fat burning apple and berry soup
  • Fat burning stir fry vegetable noodle soup
  • Fat burning cream of pumpkin soup with chicken
  • Fat burning salmon and miso noodle soup
  • Fat burning carrot and ginger soup with yogurt
  • Fat burning pea soup with ham and croutons

4. Easy On Your Wallet.

Another drawback many ‘fad’ diets have is the cost to integrate the diet into your life. The fact is, a lot of the diets that work are extremely expensive to sustain.

Whether they require you to buy special diet foods, expensive ingredients for dishes all of the time or to load up on avocados, some diets are plain expensive and a deterrent to sticking to a diet for a length of time.

This soup diet for weight loss was designed with ingredients that are easily sourced and affordable. This alone makes this diet much more sustainable and viable for those that want to diet on a budget.

5. Perfect For Maintenance.

Another significant reason a lot of diets fail to help those achieve and maintain their desired weight loss has to do with the diet being designed to end at some point.

After all, if you implement an overly restrictive diet, you won’t be able to sustain it forever. Therefore, once you achieve your desired weight loss you will likely go back to eating how you did with food choices that caused you to be unhappy with your weight.

The soup diet plan is designed to integrate seamlessly into your regular diet and routine.

It will be something that you can easily continue to implement even after you achieve your desired weight. And your family will love the soups as well, so continue to make and use them.

6. Based On Actual Science.

Unlike a lot of the other diets available, this one was based on actual science. Different ingredients/foods have thermogenic properties.

Thus, by taking in 1 or 2 meals per day with foods packed with these properties, you will be able to maximize caloric burn throughout your body which can improve fat loss.

7. Membership Has A Lot To Offer

Not only do you get all of the recipes for fat burning soups in this membership, but you also get a lot more. You get unlimited access to

  •  a members-only section
  • unlimited email consultation with a team of weight-loss experts
  • updates to new recipes
  • several bonus ebooks to help with weight loss and health
  • unlimited email support.

There is a lot being offered in such an affordable package.

Pros And Cons


These are easy recipes, no long hours spent in the Kitchen.

The Videos are provided to show you how to prepare many of the soups in the soup diet plan, so you can learn as you go.

You will be able to boost your fat burning hormones with these recipes.

While I caution people not to cut out too much food for weight loss, this could be considered a rapid weight loss soup diet, as some people lose as much as 10 pounds in a week.

They do not emphasize that you will need to make some diet changes if you want to see the best results with your weight loss (cutting out high fat, high carbohydrate and sugary foods). Otherwise it will be slower going.

I Recommend The Fat Burning Soup Recipes

This is an absolute easy program to recommend for anyone that is looking for a way to burn fat and lose weight without much effort.

Not only is it a breeze to integrate into your daily life, but it doesn’t require you to count calories or to keep your diet very restrictive, so it makes it easy to want to do and easy to follow.

Perhaps the best part about this program is the fact you get an iron-clad and no questions asked 60-day money-back guarantee.

You really have nothing to lose, except fat! So what are you waiting for? Turn your body into a fat burning machine.

For a very limited time, you can now get a 7-Day Trial to the $27 Premium Membership for just $1. Subscribe to my newsletter and I will tell you how, plus I will share more fat burning secrets.

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