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Venus Factor Weight Loss Plan Review

Leptin Diet

Venus Factor weight lossToday, Let us talk about the Venus Factor weight loss and exercise plan. One reason it is working so well, is that it works specifically with the way a woman’s body work.

A woman’s response to diet and exercise is different than if a man was on the same program. Take advantage of this – it makes sense that a diet plan specifically for women would be better for women.

What could be so different you ask… Well it has to do with leptin, a hormone that affects appetite and fat. This hormone can actually interfere with fat storage and help burn fat, if the way you eat is appropriate.

Sad to say, many women have sabotaged their body’s ability to use Leptin appropriately, but this can be fixed with the VF plan.

John Barban Is The Author

John Barban did quite a bit of scientific research and found that weight loss is pretty well controlled by this one master hormone – Leptin.

Once the “Leptin factor” was found, he helped his sister, who had given up on weight loss after having a child and then went on to help many more people, who are thrilled with the results.

He set up a way of eating that gives you more energy, without having to eat more food. In fact, certain foods such as excess carbohydrates are discouraged in order to have the most weight loss.

Basics of the Leptin Diet:

  • Eat a breakfast containing protein – This helps speed up your metabolism and keep your blood sugar level for a longer period of time.
  • Eat three meals a day, no more. And it is best not to snack.
  • Do not make these large meals, just a moderate meal is best.
  • As mentioned earlier, reduce your carbohydrates. Most people eat too much carbohydrates.
  • Eat Diner at least 3 hours before bed and then do not eat again till Breakfast.

It Will Help You Lose The Weight And Keep It Off

When you eat like this, Leptin Hormone will begin to do fat burning in the evening – once your body has settled down, a few days of changing your style of eating.

Only eating the 3 meals and no food 3 hours before bed allows your body to repair and rebuild. This will include getting rid of excess fat.

So this style of eating can be adopted as part of your lifestyle, helping keep excess fat off as well, once you have lost the weight you want.


Venus Factor Diet For Weight Loss


Pros and Cons


People are happy that there is a large choice of meal plan selections. It is flexible, as no one thing will fit everyone’s needs. As weight is lost, the software re-calculates what you need to do.


If you are much of an emotional eater, this diet plan is probably not for you. You do have to count calories, make healthy choices, work on fat loss first and then go into the exercise phase after that.


Here Is What You Will Get

So what will you get with the program?

  • A nutritional guide, so you know what to eat
  • An exercise workout program, to aid you in building muscle, which burns more fat
  • Over 100 Videos to assist you in doing the exercises correctly.
  • An online community of like minded people
  • Software that helps calculate calories and can project your measurements, based on what you are eating and doing.
  • PDF downloads


Next, See the Venus Factor site and watch the video.


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